Digital assessment service to analyze and enhance people’s soft skills with personalized questionnaires and continuous learning suggestions.

We support HR processes by using HR Analytics. All our solutions are GDPR compliant and can be easily integrated via API.

Area Assessment Solutions

Focused on the construction and supply of online assessments, for both individuals and teams. Thanks to a comprehensive list of 288 Soft Skills, we are able to create unlimited combinations of customized tests.

Area People Development

Focused on Soft Skills’ analysis and mapping so that we can create personalized online assessments and other solutions for our clients. We also offer a consultative approach for the interpretation of test results, the creation of structured assessments and customized development processes.


We work with some of the main recruitment agencies and HR divisions of large and medium companies:

 Recruitment Agencies

We support Recruitment Agencies enabling them to offer end to end solutions to their clients, which guarantees streamlined Talent Acquisition processes and time optimization.



We support companies to leverage the analysis of Soft Skills, both for individual employees and teams, in the processes of recruiting, internal re-organization and people development. This helps reducing costs and increasing productivity thanks to the possibility of creating personalized forms of assessment.


 Training and Education Sector

We support training and education entities as virtual assessors, analyzing people’s Soft Skills and suggesting related development paths.



 HR Software Vendors

We work with HR Software Vendor to offer companies end to end solutions for their recruiting, assessment and training processes.



Thanks to our Smart Coaching solutions, we support students, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals with their personal development plans.

 Partnership program

We offer partnership opportunities to any company in the HR-Tech Industry that, like us, shares the same passion for technologies applied to human resources.

Discover our Partnership Program, addressed to:

      • Applicant Tracking Systems
      • Job Boards
      • Learning Management Systems
      • Business Partners



We can provide unlimited combinations of customised assessments.

People Development

Soft Skills analysis and mapping.

Smart Coach

We provide educational and professional guidance services by sending emotional tips.

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