Our History

Eggup was founded in 2013 by Cristian De Mitri – CEO – and Pietro Testa – CTO. They both share an engineering educational background and they both attended F. Morosini Military Navy School in Venice, which is where they met 15 years ago.

On the basis of their previous work experiences and their military education, they immediately realized that successful teams all have similar best practices in common, which are related to the way team members are able to work together.

Since there was no specific formula to be applied for the organization of highly performing teams, Cristian and Pietro decided to devote themselves to solving this problem and thus founded Eggup in October 2013.

Eggup was born as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for the analysis of individual and team soft skills. Over the last few years the company has significantly grown from a strategic and technological point of view in the HR-Tech industry.



Our mission is to empower people to identify and develop their soft skills to be applied in any work environment, as well as to reskill themselves in order to keep up with the modern digital transformation.

We never lose sight of the single individual in anything we do.


Cristian De Mitri

CEO & Co-Founder

With an engineering background, Cristian started his career as a consultant in the Defence and Space industry. After 5 years, he decided to fully dedicate himself to an entrepreneurial project in the HR-Tech Industry and he founded Eggup together with Pietro Testa back in October 2013.

The Soft Skill that distinguishes him?
Cristian certainly has an Enterprising profile!

Pietro Testa

CTO & Co-Founder

Pietro has a degree in Computer Science Engineering. He started his career as a consultant in the Telecom & Media industry. He also attended the Morosini military navy school, where he met Cristian back in 1999.

The Soft Skill that distinguishes him?
Pietro certainly has a Conventional profile!

Elena Gervasio

Chief Commercial Officer

With a degree in Oriental Cultures and Languages, Elena speaks 4 languages fluently, including Mandarin Chinese. She has a background in Hospitality Management in the UK where she worked for 7 years. At Eggup she looks after Internationalization and Business Development.

The Soft Skill that distinguishes her?
Elena certainly has a Social profile!

Andrea Cuppini

Chief Process Officer

Andrea has an extensive knowledge of the HR sector, having held senior positions in several national recruitment agencies for over 20 years. He is responsible for the Consulting division at Eggup with focus on building personalized assessments.

The Soft Skill that distinguishes him?
Andrea certainly has a Conventional profile!

Simone Tosatto

Digital Strategist

Simone has a degree in Marketing Management for Business and he has an extensive knowledge in Marketing and Growth Hacking strategies.

The Soft Skill that distinguishes him?
Simone certainly has an Artistic profile!

Francesca Chianello

Assessor Specialist

Francesca is a psychologist who specializes in Clinical Psychology and Human Resources. She uses her established background to observe companies, contexts and individuals in great detail. Her unique view is characterized by an in-depth and structured knowledge addressed to help people develop their potential and achieve a full psychophysical well-being, both in their life and in the working environment.

The Soft Skill that distinguishes her?
Francesca certainly has a Social profile!

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