What is Culture Hacking?

  • To teach the company population how to keep up with the new technologies – our CTO says.
  • To use the best technologies to simplify the work of employees – our HR Manager says.

What a mess, we say! (and so does the reader)

We let them talk in a room – soundproofed – for about 4 hours. It was worth it.

We think so because the best definition of Culture Hacking was conceived later that afternoon:
To model tangible and intangible resources of the company to spread innovation, with harmony.

Because when we talk about flexibility, innovation and smart working, the main obstacle is when company choices meet / clash with the company’s culture.

A culture that often reflects the essence of corporate identity and cannot be changed only with top-down policies or large-scale changes.

How to proceed then?

“Innovation has never come through hierarchy and bureaucracy. It has always come from individuals.”

John Sculley

We borrowed the behavioural principles of nudge theory and we can affirm with conviction that orienting decisions, while maintaining freedom of choice, is at least as effective as a direct order. This, as happens in politics and society, also takes place inside companies.

We realized that the process of “innovative contamination” should be guided gently, mixing top-down directives with bottom-up proposals and looking for the Cultural Ambassadors, like the Changers, who, regardless of their hierarchical role, are suitable for the role of change communicators.

Our challenge was double: from one side helping companies to communicate the meaning of these principles in the context of reference, and on the other side approaching this cultural change in a measurable and systematic way.

Consequently, we have thought of two solutions:

Culture Hacking Consulting

A type of support.

It will not be a shortcut to change implementation, but rather a magnifying glass to observe some details you have not noticed before. We will share suggestions adapting our experience to your context.

Contact us to find out how to use our solutions in order to support the implementation of the Business and Digital Transformation in your company.



An operational framework whose acronym represents the phases of the Culture Hacking process:


Created in order to give a practical outline to suggestions and to innovate with awareness.

The innovator’s tool. Find out here.

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