Working together to provide our common clients with complete assessment tools which are comprehensive, reliable and easy to use.

Eggup is one of the main HR-Tech companies focused on individuals and teams’ soft skills analysis, active in Italy since 2013. Our solutions are currently adopted by some of the main Italian Recruitment Agencies, Applicant Tracking Systems, Job Boards as well as corporate clients.

We are looking for companies to partner up with in order to enhance and develop the solutions we propose to our clients, so that they can recognize in us and in our collaborators the best in the market.

If you are a company that shares with us a passion for the recruiting and assessment world, you pay attention to the newest HR Technology Trends, you want to make a mark in this industry, and, why not, you want to generate with us new business opportunities, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss possible integrations.

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This is addressed to companies such as Consulting firms, System Integrators and HCM Software Platforms.

Would you like to enrich the list of services you can offer to your clients, so that they can keep up with the current market requests? Consult Eggup to understand how to work together.


  ECM/CRM – Business Intelligence and Interactive Communications

Work with Eggup to enrich the user profiles and People Analytics for your clients.

By analyzing users’ attitudes and personal interests (starting from their Job Role), it is possible to establish a highly customized communication for your clients operating in different sectors, such as FinTech, Insurance and Banking. In this way, they will be able to create tailor-made policies, insurances or welfare systems for their customers.


Work with Eggup to create personalized training paths for your clients, in the form of:

  Adaptive Learning;

  Personalized Learning;

  Micro Learning.

Discover how to integrate your solutions with the Eggup Smart Coach for the Candidate Experience and Employee Engagement: a Recommendation Engine which provides suggestions on books to read, movies to watch and courses to take as forms of personalized micro-learning in order to develop one’s soft skills. It starts with an assessment on professional interests and, after taking the test, people receive personalized e-mails on their personality strengths and areas to improve with suggestions of movies, books and courses which are in fit with their personality.


Work with Eggup to enrich the user profiles of your clients and help them understand their users’ interests in more detail.

Through an assessment on personal interests, it will be possible to create customized programs with high levels of conversion. 

Applicant Tracking Systems and Job Boards

Would you like to enrich the list of services you can offer to your clients so they can recognize your platform as a comprehensive, time and costs saving solution for their Talent Acquisition processes? Consult Eggup to understand how to work together on an integration.


Soft Skills Assessment Integration through API (ATS and Job Board)


Discover how to provide your clients with useful insights on their candidates’ soft skills during the first interview stage. This type of data is crucial both for candidates profiling purposes (adherence score to the destination job for an effective pre-screening process) and for a more in-depth sentiment analysis.

Another objective is to be able to provide the final client with additional HR Analytics on potential career paths, which can be matched with deep learning system. Discover our API.


Work with Eggup to offer highly customizable development paths to your clients, in the form of:

  Adaptive Learning;

  Personalized Learning;

  Micro Learning.

Find out how to integrate your solutions for the Employee Engagement with the Eggup Smart Coach to be able to suggest “emotional tips” that enable a reflection and start “calls-to-action”. We provide, for example, suggestions addressed to the reading of a book, or the vision of a certain movie, up to referrals to courses oriented towards the development of one’s soft skills.


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