“The right person in the right place”but also“The best professional development for the person and for the company”:

Our People Development Division’s objective is to support companies as well as individuals to identify the most suitable paths for their development needs.

We help our clients choosing the most appropriate tools by supporting them in the definition and implementation of the right development paths.

We specialize in:

FAST ASSESSMENT planning and delivery;

CUSTOMIZED QUESTIONNAIRES analysis and planning;

STRUCTURED ASSESSMENT planning and delivery;


TRAINING on Soft Skills;


CULTURE HACKING to support the implementation of Innovation and Digital Transformation within an organization.

Our team is certified for the use of some of the main widely recognized assessment tools.




We have developed a simple and targeted assessment tool with a defined cost that represents the starting point of a more in-depth and articulated assessment process.

The FAST ASSESSMENT tool is very effective and convenient: it allows you to evaluate and compare skills, competencies, attitudes and motivations of the people in your company by choosing the most appropriate test.

A standard form consists of:

  • REASONING / COGNITIVE TESTS to evaluate attitudes, such as mental efficiency and deductive logical reasoning;
  • SOFT SKILLS QUESTIONNAIRE to learn more about personality traits;
  • MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEW to test both initiative and involvement levels and the personal will to grow within the company.

In addition to the fast assessment, it is possible to create STRUCTURED ASSESSMENT paths.



How to build a Fast Assessment:


Needs analysis


Choice of evaluation set


Test delivery


Motivational in-depth interview


Results analysis and possible direct feedback to be given back to the respondents




STRUCTURED ASSESSMENT is a people evaluation methodology which is based both on objective feedback and on the observation and analysis of the behaviours in front of tasks’ elaboration, decision-making and group discussions.

It is composed of a series of tests (appropriately selected and based on the role and related organizational behaviours associated with it) that put into play a particular knowledge or specific skills.

Structured Assessment is particularly useful to:

  • Carry out an in-depth analysis of the candidates;
  • Evaluate the potential of people who will take on positions of particular complexity;
  • Evaluate the level of specific skills;
  • Evaluate resources based on the flexibility needs of the company;
  • Identify training needs (organizational, managerial, relational).

There are many advantages related to the use of structured assessment:

  • Reduced risk of subjective evaluations, as it involves at least two expert observers;
  • Possibility to collect a large amount of data;
  • Application flexibility determined by the great variety of techniques and the different levels of in-depth analysis available;
  • Creation of an active and stimulating context for the participants, who are motivated to put their real abilities into play;
  • Possibility of gathering information in heterogeneous and diversified situations, which can therefore be generalized to the future work context.


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